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US-12: Clearwater Memorial Bridge

The Idaho Transportation Department will rehabilitate and retrofit the bridge to improve safety, functionality and economic opportunity in the region.

Constructed in 1951, some components of the Clearwater Memorial Bridge are nearing the end of their service life.

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What this project includes

A 2018 feasibility study recommended replacement of the roadway deck using the existing piers. The new bridge deck is expected to include the same number of lanes on US-12 but provide wider shoulders and sidewalks.

ITD will complete a preliminary analysis in 2019 to guide the design of the improved bridge. The analysis includes geotechnical and hydraulic evaluations. Geotechnical work will determine the load-bearing capacity and the settlement potential of the rock below the bridge footings.  Examinations of the hydraulics around the bridge will allow ITD to determine the impacts the river has had, and can potentially have in the future, on the piers and foundations.

Design plans are expected to be completed in 2020, and construction is expected to begin as early as 2023.

Community input

ITD understands that timely communication and public input will play an important role in this project. Following the open house in June 2019, ITD will continue to consult with federal and state agencies.

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Spring 2019
Environmental analysis • Community involvement
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Summer 2019
Preliminary design • Public open house
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Fall 2019
Response to comments
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Spring 2020
Final design
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Downloads & Resources

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May - June 2019

Riverbed testing

A hole will be drilled into the southeast corner of the bridge the first weekend in June to examine soil quality, requiring the closure of the sidewalk. Shortly after, river users will see a barge next to the bridge. From the barge crews will analyze the riverbed to help determine the best way to increase the bridge’s weight capacity. This testing will not affect recreational activities on the Clearwater River.


Following the June 2019 open house, ITD published a response to the most commonly asked questions. Read more.

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US-12, Clearwater Memorial Bridge

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