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SH-55: Pear Lane to Middleton Road

ITD is working toward improving State Highway 55 from Pear Lane to Middleton Road.

This project completed an environmental analysis and preliminary design plans for safety and capacity improvements on State Highway 55 from Pear Lane to Middleton Road in Canyon County.

ITD está trabajando en mejorar Carretera Estatal 55 de Pear Lane hasta Middleton Road. Para pedir información en español, contacte 866-607-5621.

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Preliminary design plans

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Designing for current and future needs

Following supportive community feedback, ITD is pursuing a comprehensive plan for improvements to this corridor. Key elements included:

  • Innovative intersection designs
  • Additional travel lanes and turn bays
  • Managed access
ITD's SH-55 Recommended Plan

Next Steps

Due to traffic volumes and available funding, ITD’s highest priority is to improve the safety and capacity of SH-55 between Farmway and Middleton roads. Improvements here will help address rapid growth and congestion.

SH-55 in Canyon County

SH-55 is a primary transportation and freight corridor through Idaho.

The area around the highway in Canyon County is growing rapidly, causing traffic volumes to increase beyond what SH-55 was designed to handle. In many areas, the highway has not been widened since it was constructed in the 1930s.

ITD’s goal is to meet mobility, safety and capacity needs on this corridor from now until 2045.

What this study included

This project began in the summer of 2019 and included:

  • Completing a traffic and safety analysis.
  • Gathering input from agencies, municipalities and members of the public who have a stake in SH-55.
  • Developing plans for managing access on and off SH-55.
  • Completing an environmental evaluation.
  • Developing preliminary design plans for future projects.

ITD followed the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process throughout this project. The NEPA process is required for ITD to use federal funding for future projects on SH-55.

Thank you!

The Idaho Transportation Department thanks each person who gave input during the preliminary design process for SH-55 in Canyon County. Input during public meetings helped ITD confirm the needs along this highway and move forward.

ITD completed a multi-year study of the entire SH-55 corridor in Idaho.

Fall 2019
ITD launched the SH-55, Pear Lane to Middleton Road study to build upon previous work on this corridor.
December 2019
ITD hosted community working group to gather input about issues and concerns regarding SH-55.
Early 2021
ITD hosted a public design review from Jan. 21-Feb. 10, 2021.
Spring 2021
Recommendation for environmental clearance and preliminary design approval submitted.
February 2022
Environmental document and preliminary design plans approved by the FHWA. ITD begins a phased approach to improve the corridor.

February 2022
ITD began the development of final design plans for improvements between Farmway and Middleton roads.
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