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Ustick Road Overpass

Replacing the Ustick Overpass will make room for expanding I-84 in Canyon County. The Middleton and Ustick overpasses were built in 1966 and do not allow room for additional lanes on I-84.

El reemplazar los puentes de la Middleton y Ustick hará espacio para ampliar la autopista I-84 en Canyon County Los puentes de Middleton y Ustick fueron construidos en 1966 y no hay espacio para carriles adicionales en la autopista I-84. El Departamento de Transportación de Idaho está haciendo planes para reemplazar ambos puentes en el 2020. Manténgase Informado: Para más información y para recibir una hoja de inforamación, por favor llame 208-334-8567

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Design Process

The Ustick Overpass is located on I-84 between the Franklin Road and Karcher Road interchanges. This work is part of ITD’s long-term vision for expanding I-84 from Nampa to Caldwell.

In 2018, the Federal Highway Administration accepted a proposal from ITD to complete the environmental study in smaller parts. This allowed ITD to move forward with designing improvements between Franklin Road and Karcher Road, including the Middleton and Ustick overpasses.

Planned Improvements

ITD has been working with the City of Caldwell on the Ustick Overpass. The city has come up with additional funds to widening Ustick Overpass to five lanes instead of two.

The improvements to the Ustick overpass include:

  • Five lanes accross the bridge, two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane
  • A new bridge over the Notus Canal
  • Sidewalks on both sides of the bridge
  • Wider shoulders to accomodate bicyclists

ITD will build the Ustick Overpass wide enough to accommodate five lanes, but will not open the bridge up to five lanes until the City of Caldwell widens Ustick road on either side. 


Once the Middleton Overpass is open to traffic, ITD plans to close and replace the Ustick Road Overpass. The closure is expected to begin in Summer 2021 and last approximately 15 months.

The closure for Ustick Road Overpass will be longer in duration than Middleton or Karcher Overpasses. This is because ITD is building two new bridges – one at Ustick over I-84 and the other bridge is over the Notus Canal, just south of I-84.

Ustick Road Overpass will be closed for approximately nine months and the bridge over the Notus Canal will be closed for approximately six months.

Traffic Study Outcomes

A traffic analysis was completed in 2018 for this area of I-84. The study included a detailed review of future traffic needs.

The analysis concluded that future traffic needs will be addressed by widening I-84 and improving existing interchanges. 

Other projects in the area

City of Caldwell

The City of Caldwell is widening Ustick Road from Lake Avenue to I-84.






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Summer 2019
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