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US-95 in CDA: signal upgrades

Upgrading signal technology will improve traffic flow and functionality in emergency situations.

Though currently scheduled for 2026, this project is being designed early so it can be constructed in 2019/2020 if funding becomes available.

Fall 2019
anticipated start
Lane closures
on US-95 at night
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Project details

Most signals on US-95 between Ironwood and ID-53 will be upgraded, except for those recently installed or scheduled for removal.

Upgrades in detection devices will help signals be more responsive to traffic. Backup batteries in new cabinets will keep signals running even after losing power, and reflective backplates will be added to signals to improve visibility.

New signs will be added on northbound US-95 between Ironwood and Interstate 90, on southbound US-95 near Prairie and southbound US-95 near Neider. Messages on these signs can be used to help redirect traffic in response to crashes and congestion.

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