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US-95: Lincoln Way and Walnut Ave in CDA

The highway will be expanded to include two lanes in each direction at the curve, and access to Lincoln Way and Walnut Avenue will be modified.

Changes are expected to make the intersection safer and easier to navigate, as the current layout of the intersection allows highway traffic to flow freely but subjects all other movements to a three-way stop condition. Due to high traffic volumes and the complicated layout, this intersection is a high risk for crashes and the location of many near misses. As part of the project, existing sidewalks to the east and south of the highway will be improved.

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Construction in 2026

Intersection changes

Future movements allowed at the intersection include:

Northbound and southbound lanes on US-95 will be divided by a short curb.

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Access to businesses

A center turn lane will be created for drivers heading north or south on US-95 to access Linden Avenue on either side of the highway. This center turn lane will also ease access to Walnut Avenue for drivers heading south on US-95 by allowing them to turn left onto Linden to then use Government Way to connect to Walnut Avenue. Although previous designs did not allow drivers heading north on US-95 to access Walnut Avenue, the final design will allow those drivers to make right turns onto the side street.

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June 2019

Construction delayed

As part of the department's process of balancing the highway demands of the northern five counties and the associated budget, this project was delayed from 2020 to 2026. In July, the department's plan and schedule for projects in the region will be available for comment at


Maintenance crews will address deteriorating pavement near the intersection in late July. Read more.

Deteriorating pavement on US-95 just north of Spokane River where it passes over Northwest Boulevard

Deteriorating pavement on US-95 just north of Spokane River where it passes over Northwest Boulevard


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