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US-95: Lakeshore Drive to Sagle Road

Changes will increase safety for drivers on the highway and reduce delays for drivers turning onto it.

Phase One

Construction in October and November of 2021 will add dcceleration lanes for drivers turning onto US-95 to head north or south. The existing center turn lane on US-95 will transition to a dedicated turn lane for northbound traffic accessing Lakeshore Drive, and dedicated lanes for different turning movements from Lakeshore Drive will be established.

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Phase Two

This phase is currently in design, with construction planned for 2022. Improvements may include a median U-turn on US-95, as well as a traffic signal at US-95 and Sagle Road. These improvements are subject to change.

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Potential Bottle Bay Road improvements

Additionally, ITD is considering providing an acceleration lane for traffic turning northbound onto US-95 from Bottle Bay Road, and providing a deceleration lane for northbound traffic turning onto Bottle Bay Road from US-95. Another option includes constructing a median U-turn for Bottle Bay. These changes, unlike Phase One and Phase 2, do not have funding for construction at this time.

What is a median U-turn?

Median U-turns give drivers who want to turn left onto US-95 an option to turn right first, travel downstream and then use a new lane to make a U-turn and rejoin traffic. Median U-turns are designed to increase safety and traffic flow in areas such as the south end of the Long Bridge.

A median U-turn is being designed for drivers wanting to turn left from Lakeshore Drive, and a second one is being considered for left-turning traffic from Bottle Bay Road. They will be similar to those on US-95 in Ponderay.

Turning restrictions

The department plans to avoid restricting left turns from Lakeshore Drive onto US-95, but that could happen in the future. If it does, drivers will still be able to head north from Lakeshore Drive by using the median U-turn to the south.

Long-term study begins in 2021

Improvements that will be constructed in 2021 and 2022 are addressing immediate concerns by enhancing safety and mobility. A separate, two-year study is planned to begin later this year (2021) to investigate the long-term solution for the same section of US-95. Part of the process will include seeking public comment.

October 2021

Phase One Construction

Phase One construction started in early October 2021.

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March 2021

Changes to US-95

Changes to US-95 south of Sandpoint planned for 2021 and 2021.

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Originally the project team was planning an open house in fall 2021. Due to schedule changes, the open house is anticipated to take place in spring 2022 closer to construction of Phase Two.

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US-95 Lakeshore Drive

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