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US-95: Bridge Repairs (Plummer to Westmond)

Seventeen bridges north and south of the interstate in CDA will receive repairs to their driving surfaces.

Work on the remaining three bridges will begin in April and end by June. Crews will likely take a few weeks at each bridge before moving to another, with simultaneous work possible. Impacts will vary from bridge to bridge but generally drivers can expect at least one lane open.

11 locations
17 bridges
3 bridges
to be repaired in 2020
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The 17 bridges to be repaired are on US-95 from Plummer to Westmond, with work progressing from south to north. Prominent bridges include several structures near the ID-58 interchange, Bunco Road overpass and the Athol interchange. The main map on shows all 17 structures when this project is highlighted.



Due to early winter weather and construction challenges, work on three bridges will be moved to next year. Those bridges on US-95 include: the structure over North Fork Rock Creek near the ID-58 interchange, the structure over ID-54 in Athol and the structure over the railroad in Westmond.

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