US-95: Bonners Ferry Reconstruction

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US-95: Bonners Ferry Reconstruction

The highway will be rebuilt with a continuous center turn lane and pedestrian facilities on both sides, with all work expected to be done by 2025.

The first phase was completed in November 2019, and the next phase will start again in 2023.

Early public involvement
First meeting held in Feb. 2015
Multi-year project
All work is expected to be done in 2024
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Project overview

The highway will be reconstructed through town, first between Kootenai River Bridge and Alderson Lane (Stage 1) and then between Alderson Lane and Labrosse Hill Street (Stage 2).

Work will extend the three-lane highway section through town and bring wider shoulders, sidewalks on both sides, new lighting and updated drainage to Bonners Ferry.

Stage 1 has been completed, and Stage 2 is being designed.

View project overview 2018-2024
February 2015
First public meeting
Asset 5
August 2015
Public hearing
Asset 5
More funds become available, and South Hill section added
Asset 5
Feb/Aug/Nov 2017
Studies at the Alderson signal show use doesn't warrant replacement
Asset 5
October 2017
Virtual public meeting on planned removal of Alderson signal
Asset 5
May 2018
Work between Kootenai River Bridge and Madison Street begins
Asset 5
October 2018
Mainline paving complete, but other work to continue over winter
Asset 5
November 2018
Construction of final stage of improvements delayed until 2022
Asset 5
April 2019
Work between Madison Street and Alderson Lane begins
Asset 5
November 2019
Paving between Madison Street and Alderson Lane complete
Asset 5
Break from construction
Asset 5
Work between Alderson Lane and Labrosse Hill Street begins
Asset 5
All work planned for completion
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Downloads & Resources

Kootenai River Bridge to Alderson Lane (Stage 1)Asset 4
Alderson Lane to Labrosse Hill Street (Stage 2)Asset 4
Documents for both stagesAsset 4
Asset 5
June 2019

Stage 2 delayed one year

As part of the department's process of balancing the highway demands of the northern five counties and the associated budget, the break between stages, earlier described as tentative in 2020-2021, has been extended to 2022 and reflected in the official ITD program. The second stage will now go to construction in 2023 and 2024. In July, the department's plan and schedule for projects in the region will be available for comment at

Asset 5
May - June 2019

Wide loads

General impacts from May to June include one-lane traffic on week nights and intermittent closures of side streets to the west of US-95. Note wide loads are permitted Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m., as well as on the weekends without assistance. Pavement markings near Ash Street are expected to be redone in mid-May.

Asset 5
April 2019

Signal removal and surveying

The signal at Alderson Lane is scheduled to be removed next week. It will be replaced with stop signs on Alderson Lane.

Other properties from Alderson Lane to Labrosse Hill Street will be marked by surveyors beginning April 1. That work is expected to take two weeks, with stakes left on the properties. Please leave them in place to ensure a quick appraisal process. Anyone with staked property is expected to be contacted by project staff after the stakes have been placed. Given the number of parcels involved, the appraisal process could take some time. If you have any concerns in the meantime, call Carrie Ann Hewitt (208) 772-1230.

Asset 5
March 2019

Utility work starts

Utility work will start in March in advance of roadway construction, which is scheduled to start in April.

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Asset 5
November 2018

Stage 2 postponed

Due to the complexities of coordination with all entities involved in an urban setting (utilities, city, property owners), the second stage has been rescheduled to start in 2022, rather than 2021. This sets completion for all work to 2023.

Reconstruction from Madison Street to Alderson Lane is still scheduled to begin this April.

Asset 5
October 2018

Kootenai River Bridge to Madison Street complete

Paving between the bridge and Madison Street were completed this year, along with lighting and drainage improvements. The merge point for the highway was moved approximately 2,800 feet closer to the bridge, increasing visibility for the crosswalk to the city pool near Madison Street. Acceleration lanes at Ash Street were also added.

Work over the winter will allow the construction of a utility trench near the existing sidewalk for the next phase of work. Construction in 2019 will stretch from Madison Street toward Alderson Lane and include adding beacons to the crosswalk, removing the signal at Alderson Lane and constructing sidewalks on both sides of the highway.


The first stage of construction is expected to end before Thanksgiving. Minor work on sidewalks and landscaping will continue through the month but highway traffic will not be stopped.

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