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US-30, Dry Creek Bridge

The Idaho Transportation Department is designing a replacement for the existing Dry Creek Bridge on US-30 near Murtaugh in Twin Falls County. The new bridge will follow ITD's design standards and serve the community for years to come.

About the Dry Creek Bridge

The Dry Creek Bridge

The bridge was originally constructed in the mid-1930s, allowing roadway users to traverse Dry Creek. It is located down-stream of the Murtaugh Lake Dam and upstream of the confluence of the Snake River.

Bridge Facts:

  • Concrete arch bridge
  • 17 foot rise
  • 60ft long
  • 26ft wide
  • Roughly 90 years old
  • 239.5 cubic yards of concrete
  • 37,983 lbs of steel


Dry Creek is part of the Twin Falls Canal Company system, and hosts an emergency spill way for the Murtaugh Lake Dam. This spillway will determine the maximum flows the bridge is designed for.

Community Involvement

ITD is committed to involving the public in the design process for the Dry Creek Bridge. We will provide opportunities to give input and feedback on the project area and proposed designs.

Opportunities for involvement will include:

  • Two open houses
    • Late summer/early fall of 2023
    • A second open house once preliminary designs are complete

If you have any questions or comments prior to the open house, please use the Contact Us form located at the top of the page, or the contact info located at the bottom of the project fact sheet.

September 2022
Environmental evaluation process begins
March 2023
Design process begins
July 2023
Meetings with key stakeholders
Late Summer/Early Fall 2023
First public open house
February 2024
Preliminary design complete
Spring 2024
Second public open house, Final design process begins
July 2024
Permitting and right of way begins
Expected start of construction
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