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US-95: Granite North

This project will improve safety by expanding US-95 over Granite Hill, building frontages roads to consolidate access to the highway and realigning the Trails End Road intersection.

Work began in February 2021 is expected to be done by November 2022.


Crews mobilized into the work zone in March 2022 to rebuild US-95 to four lanes over Granite Hill and finish Vintage Road. Both routes are expected to open sometime in September, though construction is expected to last through October.

Construction in the area began last spring, with the first season of work producing Mineral Ridge, the road traffic currently travels on through the work zone and what will serve as the frontage road to the east after the project is complete.

Traffic shifts Sept. 13


Following the public meeting in July 2018, the design team made changes to the project to incorporate feedback, limit impacts and reduce costs.

Note that US-95 intersections with Mara Meadows, Granite Loop Road, Old House Road, Homestead Road and North Williams Lane (at the county line) will be closed and reconnected to frontage roads that will run parallel on both sides of the highway to safely intersect with SH-54 or Trails End Road. East Williams Lane will be left as is. As of February 2022, the only intersections yet to lose direct access include North Williams Lane at the county line and Homestead Road.

Though not called out in the map, the existing graded gravel path at the south end of the project will be extended through so it can be paved at a later date.

Design update 2019
Drone shot of mainline US-95 and new frontage roads waiting to be paved Traffic running on Mineral Ridge The newly paved frontage road is ready to handle US-95 traffic during construction Aerial photo shows progress in tree removal by March 2021
Spring 2018
Open house
Fall 2019
Design finalized
Fall 2020
Project awarded
2021 - 2022
February 2022

Final season begins

The final season of work begins in February with the first blasting closure on Feb. 16.

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August 2021

Traffic shift

Traffic will shift in mid-August to the newly paved frontage road to the east.

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April 2021

Blasting begins

Blasting begins to build the east-side frontage road.

Fall 2020

Project awarded

The project was awarded to M.A. DeAtly Construction, Inc. for $21 million and equipment was mobilized into the area. 


Traffic will shift Sept. 13 back to US-95, signaling the project is nearly complete. Read more.

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