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US-93, Tomcat Hill Curves

The Idaho Transportation Department is conducting a study and designing improvements to US-93 near Craters of the Moon.

The project was identified and selected due to several crashes in recent years. Work will focus on improving safety at the Tomcat Hill Curves.

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Project Update

In February 2023 ITD hosted a stakeholder working group to discuss the project area with key stakeholders from the National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Fish and Game, law enforcement, local officials and ranchers. Based on input received during the meeting and data collected during early stages in the project, ITD has determined that necessary work and improvements to the road can be built within existing right-of-way without the need to realign the curves.

As evaluation and design work for the project progresses, ITD will release more information to the public. Thank you for your interest in the project and check back for more updates in the future.

About the Project

U.S. Route 93 (overlapped by U.S. Route 20/26) serves as the only route to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. The route sees extensive agricultural and recreational use. The project is in the design phase, with construction of improvements anticipated in 2026.

The design phase will:

  • Study environmental conditions on and around US-93
  • Evaluate alternatives that improve safety
  • Collect input and engage motorists who use US-93 in the project area
  • Select preferred alternative design and begin design plans

Community Involvement

ITD is committed to involving the stakeholders, the community and the general public in the Tomcat Hill design process. There will be several opportunities thought the Tomcat Hill Curves project to give ITD feedback.

ITD will host a stakeholder working group in early February. The working group will bring many of the projects key stakeholders to the table to discuss concerns about US-93 in the project area. There will be a second working group hosted late 2023 to show preliminary design plans to the same stakeholders.

There are also plans for two public open houses. The first will be hosted in early spring, and the second once a design has been selected. ITD will notify the public of both open houses once the date, time and location are scheduled.

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Late 2022
Initial planning begins
Early 2023
Public involvement activities, including a working group.
Spring/Summer 2023
Project team will study project area and make preliminary design plans
Late Summer 2023
A second working group and open house will share design plans and collect feedback
Spring 2024
Project team will finalize environmental document
Summer 2024
Project team will begin final design plans
Design plans completed
Expected start of construction

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