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SH-55 Round Valley to Clear Creek

Repaving work on SH-55 between Round Valley and Clear Creek is complete.

The Idaho Transportation Department repaved the six-mile stretch of road on State Highway 55 between mileposts 101.5 and 108. The work repaired damages incurred by weather, usage, and age. Construction crews also modified approaches to help promote safe entry to the roadway by adding pavement aprons, providing a seamless transition onto the newly paved surface.

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Construction Started
September 2022
Work finished
October 2022
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Project Completion

The SH-55 Clear Creek repaving project was completed on October 18, 2022. Outcomes of the project’s improvements between mileposts 101.545 and 108 are as follows:

  • Even surfaces – after years of damages incurred by harsh weather conditions and heavy usage, the SH-55 Clear Creek project repaved the roadway surface between mileposts 101.545 and 108 to help improve driving conditions and preserve this iconic Idaho highway.
  • Safer driveways – after identifying steep approaches to the roadway, ITD worked with property owners to modify driveways and improve safety standards for local property owners.
  • Smooth entry and exit from roadway – Construction added pavement aprons to every approach to the roadway, creating seamless transition to the newly paved surface.
  • Improved drainage – ITD project engineers designed new drainage improvements to SH-55, helping to pull water away from the surface of the road. These measures will give a boost to public safety and extend the life of the new highway surface.

Construction Map

The dotted blue line indicates the stretch of SH-55 under construction.


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