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SH-53: Washington state line to Hauser Lake Road

Additional turn lanes and a reconstructed roadway base will improve safety and mobility.

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More turn lanes

A continuous center turn lane will allow drivers to safely turn off the highway without impeding thru traffic.

Right turn lanes will be added at select intersections, which will be determined after further analysis of crash data and turning movements.

Note that the construction years for various projects have changed since the open house in 2020.

Overview of this project and the Pleasant View interchange

Corridor plans

A series of projects in 2022-2024 and 2027 will widen and reconstruct SH-53 between the state line and Rathdrum. The interchange at Pleasant View was planned to start construction in 2028 but with the awarding of a new grant is expected to start sooner. No project is currently funded to modify four miles between Bruss Road and Latah Street.

Widening the highway will improve safety for turning drivers. Corridor improvements total more than $40 million.

corridor fact sheet
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SH-53: WSL to Hauser

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SH-53 near Hauser and Rathdrum

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