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SH-200: Center Turn Lane in Kootenai

Adding a center turn lane will allow turning drivers an area to safely wait on this two-lane highway in town.

The center turn lane will be added from McGhee Road to Kootenai Bay Road by expanding the highway to the south. Routine drainage improvements will also be constructed.

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Traffic analysis

A center turn lane will reduce rear-end crashes and ease congestion caused by drivers waiting for gaps to turn.

ITD analyzed turning counts and projected traffic growth to determine whether any right turn lanes were needed in this section, but data did not support any. At the request of the city, ITD also considered installing a signal at Kootenai Bay Road, but it is not warranted by turning traffic volumes or crash history. Instead, the crosswalk with flashing lights will be maintained with this project.

Grant awarded for path

In 2020, the City of Kootenai received a grant with support from ITD to add a protected shoulder path on the north side of the highway between Seven Sisters Drive and Railroad Avenue.

The path will now be constructed with the highway project to simplify construction impacts and secure the best pricing for labor and materials.

Grant application

Railroad Avenue

Railroad Avenue is state property maintained by the city. Records do not demonstrate pedestrian or safety concerns.

The sewer district will replace pipes underneath the road before ITD starts construction, but this street will not be repaved. Further improvements to Railroad Avenue are beyond the scope of the project and remain unfunded, though changes would align with the city’s multi-modal plan and a previous corridor study

Local partnership

Throughout the various stages of design, ITD has consulted with the City of Kootenai. Discussions with the city have led to the decisions made about signals and turn lanes, and the partnership will continue with the construction of the grant-funded path.

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