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Park Lawn and Siphon

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Project Overview

The project will widen the existing US-91 (Yellowstone Avenue) from the current three-lane section to five-lanes from Park Lawn to the Siphon Road /New Day Parkway intersection, including a new northbound right-turn lane onto New Day Parkway from Yellowstone Avenue. In addition to the roadway widening, this project will include the design and installation of a new signal and pedestrian facilities at the Yellowstone Avenue and Siphon Road/ New Day Parkway intersection.


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Spring 2023
Initial Stakeholder Coordination; Concept Development; Utility Coordination
Summer 2023
Preliminary Design; Environmental Coordination; Ongoing Stakeholder Coordination
Fall 2023
Public Meeting; Preliminary Design Review
Early 2024
Incorporate Public Feedback; Finalize Project Design; Right-of-Way Acquisition
Project Construction
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