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Idaho 44 Corridor

The Idaho Transportation Department is developing long-term plans to improve Idaho 44 from Caldwell to Eagle.

The plan will identify specific actions for improving safety, addressing mobility and supporting economic opportunity along Idaho 44 between I-84 in Caldwell and West State Street in Eagle.

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The Idaho 44, I-84 to West State Street in Eagle project will build upon ITD's earlier corridor work and includes:

> Updating traffic projections, through 2045.

> Developing concept designs for high volume intersections, travel lanes, and any necessary shifts of the roadway.

> Completing an environmental analysis of how the design concepts would affect noise, air quality and other environmental factors along the corridor.

Traffic Study

A traffic study for Idaho 44 projects traffic volumes and necessary lane counts and intersection improvements through 2045. (An earlier traffic study was completed in 2014 and will be updated for this project.)

Long term plans

These plans will include concept designs of three high volume intersections, number of lanes, any needed change of the highway centerline and improvements.

In addition, identification of future right-of-way needs along Idaho 44 will be determined in order to construct improvements.


Environmental anaylsis

An environmental analysis is required before ITD can use federal funds to design and construct improvements. The previous Environmental Assessment addressed all elements required by the National Environmental Policy (NEPA) including issues such as noise, air quality, wetlands, visual impacts, natural resources, historic structures and other issues.

ITD will update this information based on any changes to the proposed improvements and traffic data, and will on build on the previous work on this corridor.



ITD has already set aside funds to widen Idaho 44 in two locations in 2023 and 2024.

Work on these projects cannot begin until ITD completes this project and receives environmental clearance.

A phasing plan will identify how ITD will prioritize improvements to Idaho 44 as funds become available.

The cost to complete this environmental clearance project is estimated at $900,000.


Community Involvement

Community involvement is important to the Idaho Transportation Department and to the success of this project.

ITD will provide multiple opportunities for community to provide input on proposed improvements to Idaho 44.

To stay informed about the project and learn about future opportunities to give input:

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Confirm concept designs
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December 2019
Hold public meeting
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Complete environmental analysis
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Confirm proposed improvements
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Hold public hearing
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Finalize environmental analysis and proposed improvements
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