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Idaho 16, I-84 to Idaho 44 Corridor

The Idaho Transportation Department is continuing to invest in the Idaho 16 corridor to meet the long-term needs of the growing Treasure Valley.

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Ep. 9: Idaho 16 and the connection to I-84

Idaho 16 Open House - Thank you and Materials Available

Thank you to all who participated in the October 2019 open house!

View the materials from the open house:

ITD Continues To Invest In The Idaho 16 Corridor To Address:

Regional growth: Rapid development in the western Treasure Valley is increasing travel demand on Idaho highways and surrounding regional roadways.

Regional mobility and circulation: Current north-south routes connecting I-84 and Idaho 44 (State St.) are not adequate to meet future demands.

Congestion on north-south arterials: The limited number of river crossings between Idaho 44 and I-84 increases congestion on the surrounding roadways.

A New State Highway From I-84 To The North

The extension of Idaho 16 from I-84 to Idaho 44 will be a 7.49-mile limited-access expressway. Interchanges at Franklin Road, Ustick Road, U.S. 20/26 and Idaho 44 will provide motorists access to Idaho 16. A network of local roads will provide access to and from local neighborhoods and businesses.

Click here to view a map of the EIS preferred alternative

What Has Been Completed So Far?

In 2011, ITD completed an environmental study to extend the corridor south to connect with I-84. The study resulted in an approved route for the highway extension.

Construction of the first two-mile segment was completed in 2014, which included a new bridge crossing the Boise River.

What Is Happening Now?

In 2017 and 2018, the Idaho Transportation Board and the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho both passed resolutions to continue work on the Idaho 16 corridor extension.

This allows ITD to:
- Refine the corridor’s design to better identify impacts to properties
- Update traffic projections through 2045
- Update right-of-way and construction cost estimates
- Refine elements of the 2011 environmental study
- Develop right-of-way plans
- Develop construction phasing plans
- Meet with individual property owners along the corridor

This work enables ITD to identify the funds needed to secure right-of-way and construct Idaho 16 from I-84 to U.S. 20/26, including the interchanges at Idaho 44 and U.S. 20/26, Ustick Road, and Franklin Road.

ITD began an environmental study of the corridor.
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Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision were approved, giving ITD the clearance to further develop the corridor.
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ITD constructed the intial phase of Idaho 16 from Idaho 44 to U.S. 20/26, which included a new bridge crossing over the Boise River
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ITD updated traffic projections, property information and refined elements of the 2011 environmental study. In November the first stakeholder workshop took place.
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ITD met with individual property owners. In June the second stakeholder workshop took place. Hosted public open house in October.
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ITD will advance the design and refine cost estimates. Develop right-of-way plans and construction phasing options.
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ITD will begin purchasing property from land owners
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