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Idaho 16, I-84 to Idaho 44 Corridor

The Idaho Transportation Department is continuing to invest in the Idaho 16 corridor to meet the long-term needs of the growing Treasure Valley.

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Drive Idaho Podcast
Ep. 9: Idaho 16 and the connection to I-84

Idaho 16 Open House - Thank you and Materials Available

Thank you to all who participated in the October 2019 open house!

View the materials from the open house:

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ITD Continues To Invest In The Idaho 16 Corridor To Address:

Regional growth: Rapid development in the western Treasure Valley is increasing travel demand on Idaho highways and surrounding regional roadways.

Regional mobility and circulation: Current north-south routes connecting I-84 and Idaho 44 (State St.) are not adequate to meet future demands.

Congestion on north-south arterials: The limited number of river crossings between Idaho 44 and I-84 increases congestion on the surrounding roadways.

A New State Highway From I-84 To The North

The extension of Idaho 16 from I-84 to Idaho 44 will be a 7.49-mile limited-access expressway. Interchanges at Franklin Road, Ustick Road, U.S. 20/26 and Idaho 44 will provide motorists access to Idaho 16. A network of local roads will provide access to and from local neighborhoods and businesses.

Click here to view a map of the EIS preferred alternative

What Has Been Completed So Far?

In 2011, ITD completed an environmental study to extend the corridor south to connect with I-84. The study resulted in an approved route for the highway extension. Construction of the first two-mile segment was completed in 2014, which included a new bridge crossing the Boise River.

What Is Happening Now?

In December 2017, the Idaho Transportation Board approved additional funding to refine the corridor's design between I-84 and U.S. 20/26 (Chinden Blvd.).

This funding allows ITD to:
• Update traffic projections.
• Review recent developments and update property information.
• Update right-of-way and construction cost estimates.
• Develop construction phasing options.
• Refine elements of the 2011 environmental study.
• Advance design efforts to be ready for future funding.
• Develop right-of-way plans.

This work enables ITD to identify the funds needed to secure right-of-way and construct Idaho 16 from I-84 to U.S. 20/26, including the interchanges at Idaho 44 and U.S. 20/26, Ustick Road, and Franklin Road.

What Is Next?

In December 2018 the Idaho Transportation Board approved the reallocation of $90.24 million to the Idaho 16 corridor. These funds will allow ITD to begin preserving some of the corridor right-of-way.

In 2019, ITD will advance and refine the corridor’s design. This will allow the process of acquiring right-of-way to begin. Opportunities for constructing the corridor in phases will also be explored.

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ITD began an environmental study of the corridor.
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Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision were approved, giving ITD the clearance to further develop the corridor.
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ITD constructed the intial phase of Idaho 16 from Idaho 44 to U.S. 20/26, which included a new bridge crossing over the Boise River
Asset 5
ITD updated traffic projections, property information and refined elements of the 2011 environmental study. In November the first stakeholder workshop took place.
Asset 5
ITD will advance the design and refine cost estimates. Develop right-of-way plans and construction phasing options. A public open house is planned for the fall.
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Downloads & Resources

October 2019 Open HouseAsset 4
Project InformationAsset 4
Idaho 16 EIS Preferred Alternative Alignment Map Asset 4
Stakeholder Workshop Presentation Asset 4

Please provide ITD with comments or questions about the Idaho 16, I-84 to Idaho 44 Project.

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