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Idaho 75, Elkhorn Road to River Street

The Idaho Transportation Department is developing plans to improve capacity and safety on Idaho 75 between Elkhorn Road and River Street in Ketchum.

Idaho 75 is the primary north-south highway in the Wood River Valley serving the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley in Blaine County.

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Several years ago, ITD studied potential improvements to Idaho 75 between the Timmerman Junction (at US 20) and Ketchum. This study was documented in the 2008, SH-75 Timmerman to Ketchum Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision.

The Idaho 75, Elkhorn Road to River Street project will be the third project based on this study.

What this project includes

ITD is re-evaluating the project identified in the 2008 Record of Decision /Environmental Impact Statement. This process will determine if corridor conditions or regulatory policies have changed that would affect the design of the project.

Work will include:

Public Involvement

Public involvement is important to ITD and the success of the project. ITD will ask for the community’s input throughout the project. Opportunities for participation include community working groups, public meetings and stakeholder interviews.

The first community working group meeting was held online in June 2020.


2019 –2020
Collect field data and complete technical studies. Continue environmental review. Evaluate/confirm 2008 concept design. Identify proposed improvements. Public involvement.
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2020 –2021
Complete environmental review. Prepare preliminary design plans. Public involvement.
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Prepare final design plans. Public involvement. Finalize environmental review and proposed improvements.
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Right-of-way acquisition (if needed). Acquire project permits.
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Begin construction.
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