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Historical repairs in Wallace

Repairs to the retaining wall and guardrail will improve safety and help preserve the historical charm of Wallace.

The historic guardrail along the business route of I-90 (signed as Front Street) will be replaced, and the concrete barrier next to it will be removed. The existing sidewalk on the river side will be replaced and extended to be a half-mile long. Eastbound traffic should expect a one-lane road, and westbound traffic should follow signing in the area to access the interstate.

Starts again July 2021
when water at its lowest
One month of work
Wall repairs
done by hand
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The concrete barrier was placed in front of the aging historic guardrail along the South Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River to protect it until it could be replaced.

It, along with the sidewalk next to the river, will be replaced along Front Road from the Conoco gas station to the Fifth Street intersection. After construction the sidewalk will be a half-mile long.

Wall repair

The retaining wall along the water’s edge will be repaired. This will require water levels to drop and months of work done by hand.

This project will not make changes to the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes that runs underneath the interstate.

Work continued to 2021

In 2020, crews were able to replace the sidewalk and concrete guardrail as well as make significant progress on the retaining wall. However, due to early winter weather, crews will return in July and August of 2021 to finish the work on the retaining wall. The temporary pavement on Front Street will also be replaced with permanent pavement.

2021 impacts
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