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I-84, Exit 25 Improvements

A new signal and additional off ramp capacity will prevent cars from queuing back to the Interstate.

During the evening commute, cars exiting Interstate 84 at Exit 25 are unable to efficiently turn on to State Highway 44. ITD's proposed improvements will add pavement to the ramp to create a more space for a right turn lane and dedicated through-and-left-turn lane. A signal will be constructed to increase safety and efficiency of all movements.

Estimated Cost
$1.2 M
Construction Started
Summer 2022
Traffic Signal Activated
Winter 2023
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Proposed Improvements

Related Projects

In the coming years, ITD will address related traffic concerns on this section of I-84. Two projects are currently in development:

  • I-84, State Highway 44 to Centennial Way
    • This project is currently in the environmental clearance phase. The proposed improvements include adding auxiliary lanes between the interchanges at SH-44 (Exit 25), US-20/26 (Exit 26), and Centennial Way (Exit 25).
    • Construction anticipated beyond 2028.
  • I-84, State Highway 44 Interchange Redesign
    • This project will reconstruct the interchange with I-84 and SH-44 to meet the anticipated needs of the area for many years. The project is currently being scoped and will require federal approval before completing environmental clearance, design, and construction.
    • Anticipated construction in 2028.


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