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I-84, Centennial Way to Franklin Road

The Idaho Transportation Department is developing design plans for I-84 improvements between the Centennial Way and Franklin Road interchanges (Exits 27-29) in Caldwell.

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ITD is preparing final design plans that will include:

  • Widening I-84 to three lanes in each direction with auxiliary lanes between interchanges
  • Replacing the 10th Avenue Interchange
  • Removing one westbound on-ramp at the 10th Avenue Interchange
  • Updating the pedestrian overpass
  • Building a soundwall along Hannibal Street
  • Adding a traffic signal at the westbound off-ramp at Centennial Way Interchange


ITD completed an environmental study and preliminary design plans for this corridor in 2020. The study helped ITD determine how to improve long-term safety and capacity on I-84 while minimizing impacts to the environment and adjacent properties.

From Karcher Interchange to Franklin Road Interchange, final design was completed and construction is underway.

Through the Leading Idaho TECM funding program, ITD is now moving forward with final design plans between Centennial Way and Franklin Road in Caldwell.

TECM Funding

 This design is being funded with Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation (TECM) funds as part of Governor Little’s Leading Idaho initiative. The program allows ITD to accelerate project timelines to address rapid growth and build critical infrastructure today that would otherwise take many years to fund and build.

The I-84 corridor is one of 13 approved TECM corridors in the state. Funding for the construction phases on this corridor will be determined based on project readiness and funding availability.

Preliminary estimates value the improvements needed in this corridor at $20 million to $25 million, which includes design, right-of-way and construction costs.

Conduct environmental study and public outreach.
Spring/Summer 2022
Develop preliminary and initial design plans.
Fall 2022
Conduct public outreach during design and finalize design plans.
Early 2023
Begin purchasing property.
Spring 2023
Select contractor.
Summer 2023
Begin construction.


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Frequently Asked Questions
You've got questions, we've got answers! Here are some of the most common questions we've received about this project.
Why is this project necessary?
Why is this project necessary?

This project is necessary to improve safety and mobility on I-84 between Centennial Way (Exit 27) and Franklin Interchange (Exit 29). Traffic volumes are expected to double and congestion in this corridor will continue to increase.

What are the benefits to this project?
What are the benefits to this project?
  • Improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movement of freight and people.
  • Generate regional economic benefits, as I-84 is the only major freight corridor through southern Idaho.
  • Improve connectivity for freight transportation and mitigate the impact of freight movements on communities.
  • Enhance the resiliency of critical highway infrastructure and help protect the environment through congestion reduction and decreased emissions.
Why is ITD building a soundwall on the north side of I-84 and not the south side?
Why is ITD building a soundwall on the north side of I-84 and not the south side?

ITD surveyed the community during the recent environmental re-evaluation and found that residents on the south side of I-84 did not want a sound wall installed, while residents on the north side did.

Federal law states that a noise analysis is required when a transportation project is likely to increase sound levels. Adding lanes to I‐84 in Canyon County is expected to increase traffic noise. The I‐84 noise analysis identified areas that would be impacted by future traffic noise. It also showed whether certain locations would benefit from noise abatement measures such as a noise wall.

Why is ITD planning extended ramp closures during construction?
Why is ITD planning extended ramp closures during construction?

Construction at these on ramps creates a narrow work zone. The extended ramp closures are necessary to protect drivers and construction workers in this narrow work zone.

How can I comment on the project and stay informed?
How can I comment on the project and stay informed?

ITD will provide several opportunities for the public to comment on this project. An in-person and virtual public meeting is planned for Nov. 9, 2022. Community members will be invited to review plans and provide input. To stay informed go to the project website: Or:

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