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A preliminary traffic analysis estimates traffic east of the Franklin Road interchange in Caldwell will increase by over 60% by 2040.

See the I-84 Karcher to Franklin project

The Idaho Transportation Department is conducting a traffic study and environmental analysis of I84 between Caldwell and the Karcher Interchange in Nampa. Improvements are needed because this stretch of interstate can no longer accommodate current traffic volumes at peak periods of the day.

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Rear-end crashes are the most prevalent type of crash and represent 30% of all crashes within the study area. Contributing factors for rear-end crashes include unexpected lane changes and unexpected stops, which are often associated with congestion.

View Safety Map and Graph

Traffic study

The traffic study helps ITD confirm today’s traffic volumes and estimate future traffic volumes on the interstate. The results will help identify interstate improvements and determine how far west into Caldwell improvements vare needed.

View Traffic Study Heat Maps

Environmental evaluation

In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the environmental evaluation provides an environmental document and clearance for addressing the traffic needs on the interstate. The document evaluates potential improvements that will improve long-term mobility while minimizing impacts to the human and natural environment. The evaluation will consider potential impacts to adjacent properties, minority and low-income populations, noise, floodplains, wetlands, air quality and many other factors. Public input is an important part of the environmental study. Several opportunities to provide input and help identify improvements will be provide throughout the study process.

View Environmental Study Timeline

Schedule & Funding

ITD has allocated $193 million to complete the environmental study, traffic analysis, preliminary design and construction of projects on I-84 between Caldwell and the Karcher Interchange in Nampa. If ITD is granted environmental clearance quickly, design and construction could begin as early as 2020.

Downloads & resources

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June 2018 Open House DisplaysAsset 4
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Late 2017

Project Kick-off

ITD began conducting a traffic study and environmental analysis.

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June 2018

Community Open House

ITD held community open houses on June 26, 27 and 28 to identify issues and needs to be addressed in the study.

Open house displays Open house maps
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January 22, 23

January 2019 Open House

ITD will hold open houses on January 22 and 23 to review and comment on the plans to widen I-84 from Franklin Road Interchange in Caldwell and the Karcher Interchange in Nampa.


What is happening now?

The Federal highway Administration accepted a proposal from ITD to look at the I-84, Caldwell to Karcher environmental document in smaller parts. This allows ITD to advance the section of I-84 between Franklin Road and Karcher Road. The preferred improvements for this section of I-84 will be presented at the January 2019 open houses.

What is next?

ITD will host a public open house in January 2019 that will focus on work between the Franklin Road Interchange in Caldwell and the Karcher Interchange in Nampa.

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