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I-15 Dubois to Spencer Road Reconstruction

The Idaho Transportation Department is working to improve I-15 from Dubois to Spencer.

At the end of it's design life, I-15 has been ready for rehabilitation and under construction for the last few years. Part of the I-15 road rehabilitation is the section of roadway from Dubois to Spencer from milepost 172 to 180. Construction will begin in May and is to completed in July.

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May 2019
Road rehabilitation to begin
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July 2019
Road rehabilitation to finish
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I-15 was originally constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. At the end of it’s design life, sections of roadway are cracked and deteriorating. I-15 is a major corridor which sees a large number of traffic year round. In an effort to update I-15, ITD has already completed many sections of roadway however there are still many more projects to be completed. Among one of the many projects in construction this year, Dubois to Spencer from milepost 172 to 180 will be under construction starting in May to July.

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