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SH-44 Glenwood Street Corridor Plan

A corridor plan will provide a road map for future improvements on Glenwood Street

As growth in Garden City and surrounding towns continues, a new corridor plan is needed to help ITD and the partnering land use agencies around Glenwood Street mitigate the impacts new development will have on transportation.

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About the project

The Idaho Transportation Department and the City of Garden City are partnering to create a fresh Corridor Plan for State Highway 44 from the junction of State Street and Chinden Blvd., also known as Glenwood Street.

This section of highway is a critical connection in the heart of the Treasure Valley metro area. It is one of the few crossings over the Boise River, connecting the two primary east-west commuter routes north of Interstate 84. The highway is a major business corridor, with dozens of services and shops adjacent. It is the primary route to the Ada County Fairgrounds. It also connects neighborhoods north and south to the Boise River Greenbelt, a premiere recreational and non-motorized commuter facility.

The corridor plan will:

  • Identify primary stakeholders and uses along the corridor
  • Identify goals and vision for the corridor
  • Prescribe short-term improvements to existing facilities
  • Outline long-range modifications in the event of redevelopment


Power of Partnership

When it comes to planning for growth, the agencies responsible for managing the transportation network and the authorities for land use must be on the same page. Changes to one affects the other.

ITD and Garden City are taking point on this corridor study, but there are many important partners in this process. Some of the key stakeholders include the nearby residents, adjacent businesses, commuters, Ada County, The City of Boise, Ada County Highway District, Capital City Development Corporation, Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, and valley Regional Transit. Plans for Garden City and Expo Idaho (Ada County Fairgrounds) are important to understand when considering future changes to Glenwood St. The reverse is also true – changes on Glenwood can affect the best use of adjacent property.

By joining together, ITD and Garden City have the goal of creating a plan for this area that will serve all users well and make the area an excellent place to live, work, and play.


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March 2020
Project launches with Garden City Council and ITD Board approval
May - July 2020
Coordination with community organizations and businesses
August - November 2020
Survey opens for comments
December 2020 - March 2021
Survey results reviewed
April - June 2021
Plan scenario workshop
September 2021 - January 2022
Traffic modeling with COMPASS and Garden City
March - May 2022
Environmental Analysis
May - July 2022
Public Involvement
July - August 2022
Corridor plan final draft ready
September - November 2022
Prepare final report and present corridor plan to Garden City
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