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Cloverdale Road Bridge over I-84

The bridge was severely damaged and will be replaced with a higher-capacity structure

The Ada County Highway District and Idaho Transportation Department are constructing improvements to Cloverdale Road between Franklin Road and Camas Drive.

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$10.3 million
Full opening
September 2019
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Project Background

In June 2018, the Cloverdale Road overpass sustained extensive fire damage caused by a deadly crash on Interstate I-84. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) are partnering on the design and construction of the new bridge and roadway to address the long-term needs of the community.

ACHD's full project (road and bridge) website

Replacement Bridge Details

The new bridge will feature:
- Four 11-foot travel lanes for vehicles
- 2-foot shoulders
- Two 13'6" multi-use pathways for bicycles and pedestrians
- Protective fencing on top of bridge rails

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the travel impacts to the public?
Cloverdale Road will remain closed between Franklin Road and Camas Drive during construction. There will be nighttime closures of I-84 between Eagle Rd. and the WYE interchange at critical milestones as the overpass is rebuilt. The public and media will be notified in advance of any closures and traffic will be detoured.

2. Why aren't ramps being added to the bridge for access to I-84?
Adding ramps at this location - turning the overpass into an interchange - would impact the entire roadway network in the area. Most importantly, it would reduce safety and mobility on I-84. Before such features would be constructed, extensive analysis is required to see if improvements on the local system and/or existing interchanges can improve traffic safety and mobility.

3. Are noise barriers being built as part of the project?
Noise barriers, also called soundwalls, are not being constructed as part of the project. Reconstructing the new overpass bridge at Cloverdale is essentially replacing what was there prior to the crash in June 2018 and will not result in a significant change in traffic volumes, patterns, or noise.

June 2018
Bridge Closed
Asset 5
November 2018
Design Complete
Asset 5
December 2018
Construction Starts
Asset 5
Mid-June 2019
Partial Bridge Opening
Asset 5
September 2019
Construction Complete
Asset 5
Asset 5
June 24, 2019

Two lanes are now open on Cloverdale overpass

A northbound and a southbound lane are now open on the Cloverdale overpass for vehicles. As construction continues, please be aware of workers and construction vehicles as you travel through the project area.

Asset 5
April 5, 2019

Update Video

Video of the progress being made on the Cloverdale Road overpass and roadway project

Cloverdale Overpass - April 5, 2019
Asset 5
March 11, 2019

Update Video

Video of the progress being made on the Cloverdale Road overpass

Cloverdale Overpass - March 11, 2019
Asset 5
January 3, 2019

Update Video

Video of the progress being made on the Cloverdale Road widening

ACHD video
Asset 5
December 2018

Old Bridge Demolition

Watch the timelapse of crews demolishing the old bridge structure

Facebook video
Asset 5
December 5, 2018

Demolition of the damaged overpass is complete

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A northbound and a southbound lane, are now open on the Cloverdale overpass.

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