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Clearwater Crossings: Spalding and Arrow Bridges

The Clearwater River crossings at Spalding Bridge and Arrow Bridge are important regional connections for drivers and the trucking and logging industries.

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Project Overview

Proposed changes to the US-95 and US-12 bridges over the Clearwater River would improve traffic flow and enhance safety for present and future users as they cross the Clearwater River at U.S. Highway 95 and U.S. Highway 12 east of Lewiston.

Both bridges and their associated highway intersections require significant improvements to meet current design and safety standards and provide updated bridges to last for many years to come. To determine the best approaches to improve these bridges, ITD is working on an environmental study for each bridge. Detailed design and construction will follow the study.

Spalding Bridge

Spalding Bridge is approximately 9 miles east of Lewiston on US-95 at milepost 304 and was built in 1962. ITD is proposing to replace this narrow, two-lane bridge with a divided four-lane bridge. Additionally, ITD is making operational and safety improvements at the US-95 and US-12 interchange.

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Arrow Bridge

Arrow Bridge is approximately 13 miles east of Lewiston on US-12 at milepost 15 and was built in 1972. ITD is proposing to reconstruct the bridge deck and include wider shoulders. Additionally, ITD is planning to reconfigure the nearby US-12 and SH-3 intersection to enhance traffic flow and improve safety between the two highways.

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Safety Benefits

These bridges were built over 50 years ago, and they need to be upgraded to meet current and future traffic needs. In addition, widening the bridges will improve traffic flow. Other improvements, such as increased sight distance, greater merge lengths, dedicated turn lanes, and standard roadside safety features will enhance the overall safety for users of these bridges.

Project Timelines

The environmental studies of the Clearwater Crossings at Spalding and Arrow projects started in late 2021, and the teams are evaluating the necessary improvements and considerations for these bridges — to ultimately secure an approved National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document that will allow the department to make significant changes to these structures after considering a variety of environmental impacts and input from stakeholders.

For each bridge an environmental study, detailed design and construction will be completed. Each bridge is being worked on separately from the other.

If funding is secured, final design and construction for each bridge could be completed at a later date.

Community Involvement

Public input will help shape a community-appropriate solution. The project teams will provide opportunities for stakeholders to provide input at key milestones throughout the environmental study, detailed design and construction.

To sign up for email updates or submit questions, contact the project teams at [email protected].


These alternatives studies and environmental evaluations are being funded with Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation (TECM) funds as part of Governor Littleā€™s Leading Idaho initiative. The program allows ITD to accelerate project timelines to address rapid growth and build critical infrastructure today that would otherwise take many years to fund and build.

Funding for the future design and construction of these bridges will be determined based on project readiness and funding availability. For more information on the TECM program, visit


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Mid-October 2022

Investigative Work Begins

The project team will be doing geophysical investigations this fall. This means that for two days (one day per bridge) during the second week of October, a few team members will be on the river in a small boat using an electromagnetic detection system to understand the rock depth in both bridge locations.

These investigations will help the team accurately complete the environmental assessment and design the bridge foundations.

No impacts to traffic or the neighboring community are anticipated as this work is completed.

Fall 2021

Environmental Work of Spalding and Arrow Bridges Started


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