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U.S. 20/26 Eagle Road to I-84

Over the next few years the Idaho Transportation Department will be making improvements to Chinden Boulevard (U.S. 20/26) between Eagle Road and I-84 to promote safety and increase capacity in this growing region of Idaho. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO RECEIVE PROJECT UPDATES

Corridor Overview

Current Projects

Project Type
Planning & Design

Locust Grove Road to Eagle Road

City growth from Locust Grove to Eagle Road require add...

Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road

Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road improvements are nee...

Linder Road to Meridian Road

Linder Road to Meridian Road improvements are needed to...

ID-16 to Linder Road

ID-16 to Linder Road improvements are needed to promote...

Star Road to ID-16

Star Road to ID-16 improvements are needed to promote s...

I-84 to Middleton Road

I-84 to Middleton Road improvements are needed to promo...

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Environmental Assessment
Asset 5
Late 2019
ID-16 to Linder Construction
Asset 5
Locust Grove to Eagle Rd. Construction
Asset 5
Linder to Meridian Rd. Construction
Asset 5
Meridian Rd. to Locust Grove Construction
Asset 5
Star Rd. to ID-16 Construction
Asset 5
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