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Brown’s Creek Bridge Replacement

Brown’s Creek Bridge Replacement project anticipated to improve usability and public safety.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is proposing a project to replace the Brown’s Creek Bridge, located on SH-78 at milepost 93 between Hammett and Bruneau. The project would widen the 24 ft. bridge to a minimum of 38 ft., helping to accommodate wide-load trucks, farm equipment, and other large vehicles known to frequent the area.

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Project Overview

While still in acceptable condition, the Brown’s Creek Bridge’s 24 ft. width has aged out of optimal usability for wide-load trucks and farm equipment, thereby creating a public safety concern. To avoid future impacts on local commerce and elevate public safety, ITD identified the bridge as a priority and has begun planning its replacement.


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May 16, 2023

Construction Phasing Update

To allow local commerce to continue unimpeded throughout construction, ITD plans to build a temporary shoofly bridge, diverting traffic safely around the work zone while Brown's Creek Bridge undergoes replacement.


The Brown’s Creek Bridge Replacement project is currently in its planning and design phase. Local stakeholders can share their feedback or submit questions to [email protected]. To sign up to receive project updates via email as they become available, click the link below.

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