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Blackfoot SH-39: Widening and Intersection Improvements

This project will improve safety and accommodate growth in West Blackfoot.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is developing improvements to State Highway 39 and the Collins Siding Road intersection to improve safety and accommodate growth in West Blackfoot.

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SH-39 from approximately Thomas Road to Collins Siding Road will be widened with a continuous center turn lane to provide safety improvements for increasing traffic volumes in the corridor. When ITD designed this section of SH-39 decades ago, they planned for a future widening by purchasing adequate right-of-way. This will allow the project to proceed with very little, if any, impacts to private property.

The intersection of SH-39 and Collins Siding Road is also seeing increased commercial and agricultural traffic volumes, requiring improvements for both safety and capacity. Traffic studies and concept designs were presented to the public in early 2021. A signalized intersection was selected as the preferred alternative by both the traffic study and public.

Conduct Public Outreach; Develop Conceptual Designs; Gather Baseline Survey, Traffic & Environmental Information
Fall/Winter 2022
Stakeholder Outreach and Coordination; Begin Preliminary Design; Complete Environmental Documentation
Early 2023
Advance preliminary design; Hold Public Meeting
Summer 2023-Spring 2024
Finalize Design Plans
Tentative Construction
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