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US Route 95 Repaving

US Route 95 in Owyhee County is begining to show its age and needs to be resurfaced.

The Idaho Transportation Department is beginning a repaving project on US Route 95 starting North of the Oregon/Idaho border. Construction began in July and is expected to wrap up this fall.

About Construction

Work includes:

  • Removing old pavement & roadway sections
  • Placing new pavement
  • Striping the highway


Work will be completed in 2 to 4 mile increments, each lasting one to two weeks.

What to Expect:

  • Work will occur during the day and at night
  • Speed limit reduced to 55 mph
  • One lane open at all times
  • Temporary signal or a pilot car will guide traffic through the construction zone
  • Wait time of around 15 minutes
Early 2023
Contractor chosen
July 10, 2023
Construction Begins
Fall 2023
Construction Complete
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