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I-84, Elmore County Improvements

A third lane for trucks will be constructed and new concrete will be poured on westbound lanes

There will be two separate projects in construction simultaneously.
A third lane will be constructed on westbound I-84 on the long hill west of Hammett.
The deteriorating concrete pavement on both westbound I-84 lanes will be removed and replaced with fresh concrete.

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Knife River Corp.
Combined Cost
$22 million
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Map of project zones

Hammett Hill Passing Lane

A new, four mile lane will be added to Westbound I-84. This will improve safety and mobility in the corridor

This long hill requires heavy trucks to slow well below the 80 MPH speed limit. With only two travel lanes, this section can easily become congested by commercial traffic.

A third lane will allow heavier trucks to use the right-most lane at slow speeds. Other traffic can use the middle lane for travel and use the left-most lane to pass.

Hammett Hill Crossover

Ahead of the construction zone, westbound traffic will be partially diverted. Heavy truck traffic will remain on westbound lanes. Lighter passenger vehicles will cross over to eastbound lanes for a two-way, two lane traffic pattern. This allows passenger vehicles to move faster than the trucks hauling up the hill.

A graphic displaying the unique crossover pattern for westbound traffic

Westbound Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Deteriorating concrete on both westbound lanes will be removed and fresh concrete will be poured. Eight miles of pavement east of Mountain Home (Exit 95) will be rehabilitated.

During construction, all westbound traffic will cross over to eastbound lanes. Speeds will be reduced to 65 MPH in this two-way, two lane traffic configuration. Access will remain open to Exit 95 (U.S. 20) and Exit 99 (Old Oregon Trail Rd). Short-term closures will be necessary when paving the ramp segments for Exit 99.

Concrete requires several days to cure. Workers may not be active in the work zone during these cure times.

March 2018
Construction begins
Asset 5
Summer 2018
Pavement rehab project completed
Asset 5
Fall 2018
Hammett Hill passing lane construction completed
Asset 5
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