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I-84 Corridor Monthly Update

Current Projects

This month, tune in as Vince talks with Jeff Marker, ITD's Division of Aeronautics Administrator. Next, Vince takes a training flight with Ross Engle, Director of Flight Operations.
I-84 Updates and Variable Speed Limits
On this month’s episode, we are talking about I-84 in Canyon County, setting speed limits and the new variable speeds. Our two guests are Mark Campbell, ITD Project Manager, and Styles Salek, ITD Engineer.
Idaho's Bridges: Maintenance and History
This month, we welcome Matt Farrar, ITD Bridge Engineer. Tune in as we talk all about bridges - how ITD maintains them and how we preserve the bridges that are historically significant.
Building Idaho's Future
This month, we have the honor to welcome our special guest, Governor Brad Little. We'll discuss the historic legislation he signed last month for transportation funding in Idaho. That program is known as Building Idaho’s Future.

Next, we'll catch up with Amy Schroeder at ITD. Amy is leading the team that will administer this program and deliver these new projects across the state.
Ustick Road Overpass and Caldwell Airport
This month, we talk with Rob Oates, manager of the Caldwell Industrial Airport next to the Ustick Overpass. Listen in to hear about upcoming expansion plans for the airport.
Idaho 16
This month, we talk with Amy Schroeder, Transportation Program Manager for ITD about the department's efforts to connect I-84 to Idaho 16.

Our special guests this month:
Miranda Carson, Comprehensive Associate Coordination Planner for the City of Meridian and Tom Points, Public Works Director for the City of Nampa discuss growth and transportation plans in the area surrounding the Idaho 16 corridor.

Mark Campbell provides an update on I-84 Corridor construction.
Idaho State Police & Work Zone Safety
This month, the Drive Idaho podcast goes statewide.

Vince will give you an overview of Idaho Transportation Department projects throughout the state.

Our special guest this month, Colonel Kedrick Wills from Idaho State Police, talks safety and discusses the "Hands Free" law in Idaho.

Next, Vince introduces one of the newest members of the ITD's Office of Communication, Aubrie Spence, Senior Public Information Officer.
Funding and the Idaho Transportation Board
Drive Idaho's second episode of season three is here! We have a special guest this month, Bill Moad, the chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board. Vince will be talking with Bill about ITD’s leadership and how Idaho’s interstates and highways are funded. As always, we will talk with Mark Campbell on an I-84 construction update.
I-84 and Snowplow Operations
Drive Idaho is back, kicking off our third season!

Check in with Mark to get your monthly construction update on I-84.

Next, listen in as Vince hits the road with TJ McNeff, a snowplow operator with ITD.
Vince and TJ give an inside look at snowplow operations and how ITD responds to inclement weather.
I-84: 2020 in Review
The final episode of Drive Idaho's second season is here! Vince and Mark end the year recapping favorite highlights from this season's episodes. Tune in as they discuss some of the years' biggest moments and give us an idea of what's ahead in 2021 for the I-84 corridor.
I-84: An interview with ITD's COO
The latest Drive Idaho podcast episode is out now!

Listen to hear:

- I-84 construction update with Mark Campbell

- An interview with Dan McElhinney, ITD's Chief Operations Officer. Dan and Vince discuss the different elements of transportation in Idaho.
I-84 Caldwell to Nampa Design and virtual meetings
The latest Drive Idaho podcast episode is out now!

Listen to hear:

- I-84 construction update with Mark Campbell
- How to participate in the I-84 Caldwell to Nampa Online Meeting
- An interview with Doug, from the Federal Highway Administration to discuss the pivot to online meeting and the work to keep information accessible to all
I-84 and Economic Opportunity, Featuring Amalgamated Sugar
The latest Drive Idaho podcast episode is out now! 

Listen to hear:

- I-84 construction update with Mark Campbell

- An interview with Steve Willcuts, Engineering Manager and Jessica Anderson, Communications Specialist with Amalgamated Sugar.
Idaho 16
Tune in to our August podcast to hear:

- I-84 construction update
- An interview about Idaho-16, I-84 to 44; A new north and south connection in the Treasure Valley.
I-84: Middleton Road Overpass
Episode 7 from the second season of "Drive Idaho" is here! Tune in to get the details from Vince and Mark about the upcoming construction and impacts for the Middleton Road Overpass. After, listen to an interview with District Engineer, Eric Shannon from the Nampa Highway District. Eric tells us what the Nampa Highway District is working on, and how their projects coincide with ITD's projects.
I-84: 100 Deadliest Days
Episode 6 from the second season of "Drive Idaho" is out now! Tune in for a construction update from Mark Campbell and information on upcoming projects. After, Vince heads out on the road with an ISP officer, Corporal Jeff Rodean to get a firsthand experience of what it's like to patrol Idaho roadways. Vince and Corporal Rodean talk about the 100 deadliest days and answer some common questions about patrol in the work zone.
I-84 Traffic Shift
Listen in as Vince and Mark head out on the road again. Mark gives us a construction update, as we reach a big milestone on the I-84 widening project. Vince welcomes Daniel Kircher, the Traffic Control Administrator with Specialty Construction to discuss the details of the upcoming traffic shift on I-84 and what goes into keeping traffic moving in the construction zone.
I-84: Listener Q&As
Tune in as Vince and Mark welcome a new guest, Megan Sausser, from the ITD Office of Communication. Megan gets answers to listener questions like the I-84 completion date, COVID-19 and the impacts from last month's earthquake. Vince and Mark also give us the monthly I-84 construction updates.
I-84: Safety in the Work Zone
We're back on the road, as we travel to the construction zone on I-84 to get the latest updates on progress. Mark also talks with both project managers for the I-84 construction, Brent Lotridge and Zane Reed from Concrete Placing Company. Tune in as we get detailed info on what is happening next in the corridor, and how safety is a team effort between the crews on site and the motorists on the road.
I-84: What does ITD's mission mean for I-84 drivers?
Listen in as Vince talks with ITD Director Brian Ness, who explains what the department's mission means to motorists. Vince also welcomes back Amy Schroeder, Transportation Program Manager, to explain how that mission comes to life on Idaho roadways. Amy also gives us an update on construction in the I-84 corridor and tells us what's under the blankets in the median.
I-84: 2020 overview and Northside girders
Our first episode of 2020, Vince Trimboli, ITD Communication Manager and Mark Campbell, I-84 Project Manager take a drive along I-84 in Canyon County to discuss the progress and changes motorists are seeing. Vince and Mark also discuss the upcoming work at Northside Boulevard, as crews prepare to set the largest steel girders in Idaho.
I-84: Year in Review
For our final episode of 2019, Vince and Mark look back on the first year of the Drive Idaho podcast. Tune in for highlights from special guests, and major milestones throughout the episodes. Vince and Mark will also discuss what we can expect on our roadways heading into 2020.
I-84: Winter construction and driving
This month, Vince visits with your favorite guest, Mark Campbell, to talk about what’s happening along the I-84 corridor and what to expect as we head into the winter months. Vince also talks with ITD’s Neal Murphy about safe winter driving.
I-84: Idaho 16 and the connection to I-84
In this month's episode, Vince talks with Mark Campbell about the final steps for Karcher Overpass, answers listener questions, and updates us on other projects throughout the corridor. Vince visits with ITD's Amy Schroeder to discuss Idaho 16 and how it relates to I-84. Lastly, Vince welcomes Matt Stoll with COMPASS to discuss growth in the Treasure Valley and how it impacts planning for roadway improvements.
I-84: Summer Construction
Construction is well underway on I-84. Listen in as Vince talks with Mark Campbell about updates through the corridor, including Karcher Overpass and the widening of I-84. Vince also visits with Jake Melder from ITD’s Office of Communication. Jake will let you know how to stay informed on all developments, detours, and updates during construction.
I-84: Highway Safety
Vince Trimboli talks with Amy Schroeder from ITD about the Middleton & Ustick Overpasses. In addition, Vince talks with Neal Murphy from ITD, and Lieutenant Matt Smith from Idaho State Police about Traffic Incident Management, highway safety, and the partnership between the two agencies.
I-84: The Interstate in Caldwell
Host Vincent Trimboli visits with Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas to discuss the history of I-84 in Caldwell.  This episode also includes an update about summer construction in Nampa, and what’s ahead for I-84 in Caldwell.
I-84: The big picture
Host Vincent Trimboli talks with ITD’s Amy Schroeder about what goes into a project on I-84….and why it can take years to bring a major project from concept to completion. Amy and Vince also discuss how to weigh in on improvements to the two-mile stretch of I-84 in Caldwell.
I-84 and the economy
Host Vincent Trimboli interviews Clair Bowman, a long-time player in the transportation industry and senior transportation planner for the City of Nampa. Clair explains why I-84 improvements are a big deal for businesses and freight in the area. The podcast also goes on the road to speak with John Jurcak of Woodgrain Doors about the day-to-day transportation decisions that affect Nampa businesses.
I-84 Work Zone Safety
An inside look at ITD's work zones
Host Vincent Trimboli speaks with Mike Burke, a long-time construction manager with Concrete Placing Company, and Steve Porter, the leader of ITD’s maintenance operations in Caldwell. 
A Vision for I-84
With host Vincent Trimboli and guest Amy Schroeder
ITD’s first podcast will preview what you can expect on the podcast and the vision for I-84 in Canyon County.
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